The San Antonio Methadone clinic mission is to offer quality, affordable methadone and suboxone maintenance treatment where the patient’s personal growth, recovery and individuality are highly respected and valued.

San Antonio’s commitment to improving the quality of methadone treatment available to patients includes attempts to reduce stigma and to promote patient advocacy. Two priorities are networking with, and educating, the community and supporting an autonomous Patient Advocacy Group (PAG).

The San Antonio treatment staff consistently offers patient centered care. We welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for assessment and education. If we cannot help you we will help find someone that can.

Our clinic staff appreciates the importance of admitting patient’s when they are ready for treatment. This philosophy means we will work hard to admit patients within 24-72 hours of first contact whenever possible and sometimes even the same day.

San Antonio Clinic
437 McCarty, Suite 600
San Antonio, Tx 78216
Phone 210-314-1934  |  Fax 210-314-1940

Medication Hours:
6:00 AM – 9:00 AM + 11:00-1:00
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Wednesday dosing is 6-9 am only

6:30-8:00 AM Saturdays

Intakes : Mondays and Thursdays

Buprenorphine/Suboxone treatment is now available at MARS. This treatment can be less restrictive than traditional methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) because the patient is not required to attend the clinic daily. The cost is about the same as MMT. (not including medication). Fees may be reduced with extended time and treatment. All services are included in this treatment modality. Please call the clinic for a phone screening.

For more info:  http://www.naabt.org

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